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To give a greater appreciation of how Dilmunia is being actualised, the insight section will detail information, facts and figures, industry trends and market challenges – all embellished with the perspective of the people behind Dilmunia.

IDC’s partners in progress will explain how some of these facts and figures were realised, by illustrating their roles and responsibilities in delivering the vision of creating a world-class health island. Detailing exactly what it takes to master plan, conceive, research, construct, analyse, project manage, design and market a holistic oasis that will change the way people live and leave a legacy for the future of Bahrain.

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Featured News

23 April 2017

Launch / Mall of Dilmunia Development Announced

Bahrain’s first ever unique family-centric mall concept, the Mall of Dilmunia is a balanced representation of modernistic and futuristic architecture, and promotes an exciting family oriented ambience with unique include a variety of retailers that are yet to enter the Bahraini market.

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A unique investment opportunity with a greater return potential

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